Wednesday – Birth Day!

– Lots of cramps through the night – and lots of toilet trips.
– Seshu is due at 8:30
– Midwives woke me at 7:00am to shower (seems pointless to get clean before labouring) and eat breakfast (considering I’d thrown up everything in the past week, that seems kind of pointless too) before going down to the delivery room.
– About 7:45 I was told Seshu is on her way and Warren wasn’t due to leave home until 8 so I called him and told him to hurry.
– At 8:30 Seshu arrived to break my waters. It was really hard to relax and stop pulling away from Seshu but she was having trouble reaching. It took her 2-3 minutes to get a good position and my waters gushed all over the place.
– Feeling very nervous about the labour.
– Contractions started almost straight away at about 4 minutes apart.
– I held Warren’s hand and squeezed Liam’s little squeezy smiley face ball throughout the uncomfortable contractions.
– Within half an hour the contractions were coming quicker and each one getting more intense than the last. Starting to wonder how I’ll make it much longer without asking for a shot of morphine.
– Warren tells me to stop being so strong and use the gas if I need it so start using it after about 45 minutes.
– Sunrise was on the television in the corner of the room and I start to zone out.
– Begin feeling big stretches but not much pressure. It’s like really really bad period cramps that come and go every two minutes. After an hour, I’ve probably had about 20-30 contractions in total, each one harder to cope with than the last.
– Starting to feel some pressure. Finding it really difficult to talk to anyone or follow conversations they were having.
– I have a few contractions that start to run into each other (it seemed like transition but I figured it would be way too soon to have reached that stage of the labour).
– I had a moment to rest and I looked at Warren and said so genuinely ‘I don’t think I can do that even one more time’ and I wondered if I should have some morphine.
– Natasha (midwife) had gone to get a drink. She walked in the door when the next contraction hit which hit hard. I suddenly realised I was about to push and I struggled to speak and tell Warren ‘she’s coming!’ Everyone thought I meant soon – I meant RIGHT NOW! Warren lifted the blanket over me and saw that her head was coming out already. Natasha jumped across the room to get the gloves – she got one on and Warren had his hands ready as they realised I had birthed Alyssa with just one push – her head was out and her body slipped out immediately afterwards. All I could say over and over again was ‘I told you she was coming’.
– Time born – 9:53am (labour was almost 90 minutes long)
– Apgar scores were 9 at 1 minute and 10 at 5 minutes.
– After about half an hour Alyssa found her way to the nipple for a breastfeed and did a good job. The doctor said she was doing well but did have a slight tongue tie which shouldn’t cause any problems at all. She was given a clean bill of health.
– I was still in a bit of shock from such a fast, intense labour and my body was shaking uncontrollably but otherwise I felt great for it all to be over finally.
– Liam and Tristan met Alyssa at about lunchtime – my parents brought them in to visit.
– Warren’s parents arrived not too long after and everyone spent a couple of hours visiting and having cuddles and chats.
– My parents went and bought me Subway for lunch – I’d waited a long time for that and it was soooo nice 🙂

– Through the night it was hard to get Alyssa to feed well. After about a 6 hour gap, the midwife helped me to express some colostrum into a tiny syringe to give her a little taste to spark her appetite which seemed to work.
– She still needed to be woken for each feed but was able to manage a short suck and swallow so we figured she might just be a bit sleepy from the fast labour also.


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