Day 2 in hospital with Alyssa

– Still in hospital
– Jaundice isn’t appearing to be much of a problem but we’re staying in hospital just to make sure.
– Alyssa is quiet and sleepy still.
– We are finding that we need to wake her to be fed and she is only able to last a short feed each time.
– We wonder if her tongue tie might actually be causing problems for her.
– Whenever she is laying on her back in bed she’s been making a funny groaning, whinging sound. I’m unable to sleep as it is so constant and loud.
– The midwife took her out to the desk so I could get some sleep.
– The paediatrician came to look at another baby so they checked Alyssa as well but they weren’t concerned about the noise and was happy with her respiratory system.
– They brought her to me for a feed but she still struggled to maintain it for a long time. She was still making the noises but I tried to get some sleep anyway.
– Alyssa had her first bath today with Mummy and Daddy’s help. She enjoyed it until the water got a bit cold ad then she was unimpressed.


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