First day at home

– Not a lot of sleep last night – she’s still aking that annoying groaning noise.
– Alyssa had a bath and Liam helped to wash her. She was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy it.
– Uncle Danny and Uncle Casey came to visit today for the afternoon. They got lots of cuddles, although Alyssa has been very very sleepy already.
– Alyssa has done lots of sleeping today but I got lots of cuddles – probably should let her sleep in her own bed but I just didn’t want to put her down because she’s so cuddly.
– Alyssa has been very hard to wake for feeds and her feeds weren’t lasting very long. I’m starting to wonder how to encourage more wakefulness to help feeds – lots of reading of my breastfeeding books and websites but I feel I’m trying everything I can to encourage her to wake and feed.
– It’s feeling like Liam and his jaundice sleepiness all over again.
– I took Tristan to his friend’s house for a sleepover for the night.
– Went to the chemist to get some syringes. Expressed 10mL of breastmilk and fed it to Alyssa but probably half of it dribbled out. I’m starting to really worry she’s not getting enough milk. I found out that she should have been taking almost 60mL at each feed which she isn’t getting so I’m really starting to worry.
– Nanna Faye decided to go home a day early because Poppy Trevor seems a bit lonely at home. Liam got really really upset when she left – he’s so used to her being there with him.


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