Donna’s Journal Notes for 3rd November

We went to the Ronald McDonald office this morning to see if there was any chance of getting a bigger room to allow the boys to come over but the receptionist didn’t think there would be any time soon.

I arrived at Alyssa’s room to find Warren had beaten me and the metabolic team had already arrived for their rounds. They decided to put Alyssa onto the continuous feed pump as she had vomited a few times overnight and they thought that the infection might have unsettled her tummy a little bit.

We still have no results about the possible infection.

The neonatologists arrived as well and filled up the room – there were, at that time, about 8 doctors plus a social worker and dietitian plus the nurses all focused on our little girl. The neonatologists are convinced Alyssa has an infection but we just need to wait for the cultures to see what’s going on.

Flora, the social worker, was keen to see about getting us some bigger accommodation to get the boys here quicker.

Heidi, from the Ronald office called to let us know they had been able to rearrange the rooms a little. There was a couple in a big room that didn’t need the extra beds who were going to swap with us. I’m so pleased that we’ll be able to get the boys over with us soon now.

I went to express more milk and filled two 200mL bottles again so I’m definitely not having any supply issues at this point which is a relief.

We then went and changed over rooms at Ronald – we’ve got 4 beds, 2 with trundles under them – so we’ll have enough room for Warren’s parents to stay with us to help us out, so we’re hoping they might be able to head over sooner rather than later. I so hope so. I miss the boys desperately. It will be awkward with trips back and forth to the hospital but we’ll adapt. It’s just what every Ronald McDonald House family has to go through I imagine.

I got a call from Flora to set a time to have a chat with her, so I went over to the hospital and headed up to the Genetics Department on the 10th floor to see her. We talked aboutmy pregnancy and how sick I was, the events which led to Alyssa’s hospitalisation, support from family and friends, work and what the future may hold, my past as a Mum with both Tristan and Liam, my relationship with Warren – our past together and how we’re talking together and supporting each other through these tough times, how I feel about the medical staff caring for Alyssa, the dramas I’ve had with breastfeeding and how important it is for me as Alyssa’s mother to be able to do that for her, with her. We talked about a lot of things, not all that has had an effect on our current situation but it was good to sit and talk. I felt really good – I didn’t cry once which is uncommon for me these days – which is good. I think I’ve been all cried out lately and hopefully nothing disastrous will happen to bring more tears.

I went back to Alyssa’s room to find Warren and the neonatologists again. They said they’ve seen evidence in her blood test results that there is an infection which would have caused Alyssa to stop sucking to feed properly if she’s unwell.

We had a big cuddle and put Alyssa back to bed when she suddenly woke up. Joy and Himanchu showed up and said they were going to keep her on the continuous pump overnight. Alyssa was still wide awake so I got her back out of bed and thought I’d just give her a little try at the breast – just in case – and she amazed us all by instantly attaching and straight into a suck/swallow. She maintained this for at least two minutes. She even reattached and kept trying. It was just amazing. We knew she could still do it – she just needed to be awake enough.

We put her back into bed and she had to have her BSL tested (5.1) which unsettled her so I got her back up and tried to feed her on the other side and she was fine again (still only lasted a minute though) which absolutely made my day.

We went back to the Ronald house for tea and headed back to Alyssa for another feed attempt, an express and lots of goodnight kisses. She was asleep when we got there but because we couldn’t just leave her alone we ended up waking her up so we then attempted a breast feed but she didn’t have the energy to do any more than attaching but at least we tried.

We headed back to the Ronald house and Warren put some more notes up on the blog we’ve started. My next challenge for that is to try and recall the details from the time we took Alyssa back to the LGH until we left for Melbourne – so much happened so quickly and I hadn’t yet started this journal so there’s a bit of a catch up and it will be a difficult part of our story so far to tell.


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