Donna’s Journal Entry for November 4th

I struggled to get out of bed today. We sleep a good 8 hours each night and sleep solidly, but we always seem to find it hard to actually wake up. I think we’re both just so mentally exhausted. So we finally get up and about after 9am. We get excited thinking it’s only one more day until the boys arrive. I can’t wait to take Liam to the zoo and the aquarium.

The doctors have kept up the continuous feeds today – after lunch changing it to 20mL every hour (given over 20 minutes) and tomorrow the plan is to increase it to 40mL every two hours.

Alyssa had a short breastfeed with me at about lunchtime and again tonight, making use of her alert periods but she still tires easily. Joy (Metabolic Physician) was very excited to see her feeding again.

The doctors have changed her BSL tests to every 4 hours (instead of 3) so that will give her poor little feet just that extra tiny bit of a break.

I talked to Mum about getting the boys all packed up for their flight tomorrow. Liam had a good talk to us on the phone and said he is going on a plane. He’s been a bit upset that Nanna isn’t going with him but he’ll manage and it’s good that Mum can go home and have a break. She also found out today that she got a job she recently applied for at a newsagency which is great news for her.

I’m sitting in the Ronald McDonald House loungeroom at the moment writing this. Warren and I spent an hour or two talking to some of the other parents here.

One lady’s grandson is here at the RCH, presenting much like Alyssa in terms of not feeding, being lethargic and unresponsive but he has had problems with his kidneys which shut down. He’s having lots and lots of tests done at the moment but he appears stable.

Another couple are over from Launceston as well (Mayfield so near us). On the weekend their 8 year old son Harley was playing with another older boy who dared him to play chicken with the cars near the overpass just up from the Invermay McDonalds. He was hit by a car and landed 40m away from the point of contact. He’s currently in a coma and they’re just waiting for him to start waking up to see if he’s sustained brain damage. (EDIT: Harley was sent to the Launceston General Hospital while Alyssa was there being treated for her arm infection, a few days after her arm surgery. He only stayed one night and was allowed to go home as he was improving dramatically, so that’s great news).


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