Happy Tuesday

Right now, today is a good day. Donna and I struggled to wake, even though we had an alarm set for the decent time of 8am – I guess we’re still recovering from everything that has happened so far. Anyway, we dragged ourselves out of bed eventually and got over to Alyssa’s room around 10am. She was sleeping peacefully, and the neonatal team had determined that she no longer needed continuous feeds, so they had begun to transition her to 20ml hourly feeds.

Donna had a bit of a cuddle with her to see if she wanted to feed, but she was sound asleep so whilst Donna went to express, I was left literally holding the baby. She was fairly settled, although pulling some funny faces and holding onto my finger quite well with her left hand – her right hand is a little weak, although she has gross motor movement, so we’re hoping it’s just because she’s had it splinted with a canula in for almost a week that she needs time to develop her strength in it again.

Alyssa eventually found her thumb and had a bit of a suck before waking up, after five minutes I popped around to find Donna and see if she wanted to try a feed, but she had just finished expressing. She came back for another cuddle and once Alyssa knew she had her mummy, she decided that she wanted to try anyway! Although she didn’t have a lot to eat, it was encouraging to see her again interested and wanting to feed with little or no prompting required.

The metabolic team came around to see us and were quite happy with her progress again. She’ll be on hourly feeds today, then 2-hourly tomorrow if she is coping with that, then out to 3 hourly again. I didn’t mention Type 1b this morning, but Dr Boneh will be on tomorrow, so will ask him how likely he thinks it may be.

Now, I’m back in the room, about to do some work again, and Donna has ventured onto the tram into the city to try and print some photos after Sunday’s farce at Officeworks in which the printer took forever before failing to read the memory card. We looked up the nearest Harvey Norman photo centre, so that’s where she’s going to go and try first. Hopefully she won’t have a lot of trouble getting around since the Melbourne Cup is on, it’s probably not going to be too nuts in town.


One response to “Happy Tuesday

  1. Glad you guys had such a good day and are finding your feet and catching up on sleep. Happy news =).

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