The boys arrived in Melbourne today…

We arrived at the NNU (Neo Natal Unit) ward to see Alyssa a little while after 10am so our precious daughter is now officially 2 weeks old and what a lot of stuff she’s had to endure in her short life – it seems so cruel but she’s a toughie and taking it all in her stride.

She had just finished her hourly feed but she was so alert that I ecided to try her at the breast and she instantly attached and started a suck/swallow which is still exciting.

Maureen came to have a chat to us and told us she’s already ordered our pump which should be arriving at our house soon. She said that tomorrow they will turn the IV off, to see how she copes and if everything works well when she finishes her antibiotics (probably Friday) then there’s no reason she can’t be discharged. She thought it might be a good idea to stay at Ronald McDonald house for a couple of days just to make sure we’re okay before we head home.

I spoke to the lactation consultant today but she tends to think we really can’t do much but keep trying. She came to watch me with the 3pm feed. Alyssa did a really good job – probably her best feed ever – and showed that she can attach really well and has a good suck/swallow. She actually lasted a long time in comparison to normal and stayed alert for well over half an hour.

We weighed Alyssa before her feed and then again afterwards to try and see how much she’d taken in but it didn’t give us a very accurate answer. We just guessed that she had taken maybe 30mL and decided to only top her up with another 30mL instead of the regular 60mL.

At 6pm I headed over to the hospital for another feed. Her BSL was only 3.2 though which was a bit of a worry so they let the registrar know and they just decided to give her a full top up of 60mLs after the breastfeed just to be safe. It’s always worrying enough if your new bub is getting enough to drink, but this is so much more concerning. It’s going to be a long long ride. Alyssa fed for about 10 minutes before falling asleep. We still haven’t had a chance to bath her yet – we’ve been meaning to for days but just never seem to have the time. She’s only had two baths in two weeks.

The best part of today was Liam and Tristan arriving at about 1:30pm with Angie and David (Warren’s parents). It felt like such a long time since I’d seen them. We spent a bit of time getting used to the Ronald McDonald house. Liam was enjoying all of the new toys to play with in the loungeroom. We headed over to have McDonalds for lunch with the boys and then take them up to see Alyssa. Liam talked about her all the way up to the lifts. It was so comforting to know that he understood why we were all here. I’m sure the highlight of his day, however, was the ride on the Tiger plane.


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