Great news! Today is home day!!!

Getting dressed to leave the RCHSorry for the lack of updates, we’ll come back and fill in the blanks, but things have been going really quickly since the weekend. This morning the metabolic team basically asked us if we were ready to go home, as they think that Alyssa is!

We’re currently racing around making the arrangements we need to get ourselves, Alyssa, about 2 litres of frozen milk and her feeding pump back home.

Earlier this morning, my parents left with the boys, we told them that we’d be coming on another plane soon, but we honestly didn’t think that today would be the day. We’re a bit terrified, but the fact is that we’re going to do it sooner or later so we might as well get started.

At this stage, it sounds like we’ll be on the last flight home, and get into Launceston around 10pm tonight. We’re waiting to get the flights booked so that may change however.


2 responses to “Great news! Today is home day!!!

  1. That’s excellent news!

  2. Excellent news, and good luck!

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