Today is McHappy day…

So please consider supporting Ronald McDonald House. They were an absolute lifesaver for us whilst Alyssa was staying at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

It’s unfortunate that there is a wait list for parents to stay here to be close to their kids in hospital. Some people need to stay for weeks, or even months (one lady we met at the house in Melbourne had stayed for 5 months) whilst their children are in the RCH. Who could afford that when the government only provides a $30/night accommodation allowance? It’s only through programs like RMHC that parents can stay for extended periods with their children and not incur massive accommodation bills.

A few people have asked us exactly how the program works – the best explanation can be found on their site, here.

So even if you despise McDonald’s (maybe you saw “Supersize Me”), consider at least dropping a few bucks into the donation tin, or buying a wristband for McHappy Day. You never know when you, or someone you know may need that support.

You can also donate directly online through the website.

I’m sure every family who needs to stay at RMH is just as grateful as we are for any donation you can make.


Warren & Donna.


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