Update: Back to Hospital

Alyssa is being readmitted to hospital right now. Donna just came home to collect her things before heading back.

Alyssa's room in 4KHer GSD is fine and under control, however she has had a weak right arm for a few days now and today we noticed that it was swollen, firm, red and warm to touch around her bicep so Donna took her up to the hospital this evening to get it looked at. We had previously had this looked at when we were still at the RCH and they diagnosed it as Erb’s palsy, basically a damaged nerve that occurs during childbirth.

We weren’t convinced at the time since we could both recall that she had full use of the arm when she was born and looking back over photos taken of her in the NICU and at the RCH we can see that this definitely occurred recently. Discovering that there was swelling today pretty much pushed us to get it checked again.

So frustrating as we were just getting into our routine with her at home and she has been feeding very well.


2 responses to “Update: Back to Hospital

  1. I’ve been following your journey for a week or so now. So sorry to hear that you are back in hospital.

    Natalie ( UTAS grad with Donna)

  2. Waiting to hear what this is. Hope she’s OK.

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