Alyssa is going to have surgery shortly

… to investigate the swelling in her arm. The orthopedic surgeon today decided that the bone scan was not conclusive enough and had an MRI done.
Funky green earplugs from the MRIThe MRI shows some fluid around the humerus bone, but it doesn’t appear to be directly from the bone or inside the bone itself. I’m not entirely sure why they are making an incision and not simply trying to draw some fluid out with a needle first but we’re letting them guide us in what they feel is the most appropriate way to investigate this.

I just want some answers and I want to know that my little girl is going to be OK. I want to go back to just worrying about her GSD and monitoring her glucose levels. But I also want to come home and know we won’t be going back to hospital two nights later.


3 responses to “Alyssa is going to have surgery shortly

  1. Thinking of you both. I read your blog every evening. Please let me know if you guys need a meal or anything.

  2. So sad. Hope they find the problem.

  3. I add my well wishes to you all as well. Let us know if there is aything we can do for you.

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