Surgery update

AlyssaSo the surgery seems to have been a success. Time will tell. The surgeon says she had BOTH infections, osteomyelitis (bone) and septic arthritis (shoulder joint). She has had a drain placed which will release any more fluid which may accumulate over the coming days and probably be in hospital at least for the rest of this month to have a long course of antibiotics.

The thinking at this stage is this might have been picked up from one of the IVs she had in her arm. It might also have been the unknown infection they treated for in the Royal Childrens when we were in Melb – it wasn’t until 24-48h after the course was finished that we first noticed her arm was weak and became limp.

All in all, we feel like we have dodged another bullet, if we hadn’t persisted with our complaints that it didn’t seem like something that happened at birth, she could have become a lot sicker than she was.

There’s something in that I think for anyone with a newborn – other parents will probably tell you too: you have to trust your instincts, if you think something’s not right, it’s probably not, you know your child better than any doctor does. Better to be safe and seen as a panicky parent than face the alternative.


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