Happy 4 week birthday Alyssa!

It’s been a bumpy ride, and not a lot of it has been spent at home, but Alyssa is four weeks old today!
I told Donna that after her surgery and everything else (she has had a long line placed now) that Alyssa is already my hero. I can’t believe we made such a brave little girl, she’s been through more medical procedures in four weeks than the rest of our little family has in our entire lives combined.


10 responses to “Happy 4 week birthday Alyssa!

  1. She certainly sounds like a really brave little girl. I will look forward to meeting her one day.

  2. Natalie: If you wanted to, feel welcome to come and visit her in hospital. We haven’t had many visitors at all and it would be nice to see some familiar faces. You’ve been watching Alyssa’s dramas so closely and thinking such lovely thoughts for her, I’d be more than happy if you wanted to come and meet her. We’re on Ward 4K at the LGH – Room 30. Mummy could do with some company as well to be honest 🙂

  3. Horrah for Alyssa!

    She is doing it tough, but she will make it with you and Donna as parents!

    That thing on the left of her head, is it attached to her head? o.0

  4. Haha Steve, it does actually look that way, but no. It’s attached to a tube coming out of the incision.

    you can probably see better here: https://alyssasjourney.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/surgery-update/

  5. lol Steve – that would be a trendy addition hey 🙂
    The doctors did say if they couldn’t find a vein in her arms or legs for the long line IV to go into they’d have to put it in her head though. I’m glad her arm decided to co-operate.

  6. Happy 4th Week birthday Alyssa. I hope in the next 4 weeks you and Mummy get to spend some time at home with the rest of your family!

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date on Alyssa. I will continue to send postivie thoughts.

  7. Ahhh, neat.

    I had a tube put in too when I was sic. I developed an abscess in my right cheek. No not that one, think lower… 😛

  8. What a rollercoaster ride for your family… I can’t believe so much can happen in 4 weeks.
    Alyssa is a strong and gorgeous girl. I hope this hospital stay is short and you can have her home quickly.
    Look after yourselves.

  9. Donna, I would love to come and see you both. Benjamin is getting over the tail end of a virus which I do not want to pass on, so I’ll wait till next week. Maybe Tuesday afternoon?

  10. Oh I meant to add that I love the update to the blog it is so nice to see photos of Alyssa.

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