Update on Donna

As some of you know, as Alyssa was going into theatre the other night to have her shoulder infection drained, Donna collapsed and was taken to the emergency department with severe stomach pains. She spent half the night on morphine while Alyssa was recovering from her surgery, and was booked in for an ultrasound.

This morning, we found out that Donna has gall stones! (Clearly she couldn’t stand all the attention Alyssa is getting :-p)

Donna was lucky her GP had a cancellation, so has been to see her already and has a referral to see a surgeon next Tuesday to find out when she can have her gall bladder removed. Her GP was of the opinion that after everything else she’s been through, they might as well whip the gall bladder out and be done with it.

I daren’t even think about what my blood pressure is doing at the moment with all these dramas going on, I hope I don’t keel over next!


11 responses to “Update on Donna

  1. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do for you guys…. anything!

  2. Hi Rob, Are you a surgeon who’ll take my gall bladder out tomorrow for free ??? Cos that’s what I need right now 😀

  3. I remember just how sick Jeremy was with them. He thought he was dying before he had the problem diagnosed. Sucks to be you!

  4. Newt: It was as bad as, if not worse than, being in labour – expect it was constant pain with no breaks and for me it lasted an awful lot longer than my labour with Alyssa did. The thought that it might happen again before I can get this gall bladder out terrifies me. I don’t want to experience that pain again.

  5. I don’t know all these attention grabbing girls first Alyssa and now Donna 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Well we needed something to excite the viewers of the blog here 🙂 You know, more exciting than arm surgery at 4 weeks of age 😀

  7. Donna,

    Does Alyssa have a middle name?

  8. Hi Natalie.

    Alyssa’s middle name is Paige. 🙂


  9. Thanks Warren, I had been wondering.

  10. Ian Aka IvanTheTerrible

    Me and my families thoughts are with you guys.

  11. Donna & Warren 🙂
    I have not know what has been going on with you all while I was travelling so checked up on you today to see your comment Donna.. OMG … really. I have no words to express to you my empathy and love. Donna I wish you courage and hope along with good pain relievers. Warren you are a true pillar of strength. Bless you both and your beautiful children 🙂 What a gift your Alyssa is to you all .. hugs and luvs

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