Visitors and Visiting

Mummy has settled me onto my feeding pump for the night and gone home to bed. I reckon she’s as tired as I am after such a busy day today. After our first morning feed, we decided on a bit of pampering and I enjoyed a really relaxing bath – it was bliss floating around in the warm water and lovely to do something happy and fun while I’m in hospital to change things up a bit. It was a great chance for me to give my sore arm a workout too and I was able to show Mummy and my nurse Alisha how well I could move my arm right up to my shoulder when it was under the water. We’ve decided some daily hydrotherapy would be a good idea if we can fit it in. I got dressed up in my gorgeous dress that Mummy’s friend Nat bought me when she was in Bali and I had a lovely snooze on Mummy’s chest for a while.

Alyssa without her NG tube

After a while, Nan and Pop arrived, minutes later to be followed by one of Mummy’s friends, Clara and her niece, from Mummy’s school. June, another one of Mummy’s work friends, visited later in the afternoon as well. Everyone was pleased to get cuddles with me and Clara and June were impressed with my cuteness.
And with visitors occasionally comes presents – I am definitely one very spoilt little girl. And Christmas is only a month away which is a bit exciting for me but scary for Mummy and Daddy who are already running out of room to put all of my stuff. Nanna and Poppy stayed for most of the day which was lovely. Poppy gave me lots of cuddles while he laid on the bed watching the cricket. Nanna bought me a lovely little musical doll which you turn on with a turning switch on its tummy. Mum thought it looked like the baby had a stomach peg just like I will have one day (only a GSD Mum could think such a thing).

We also got to go for a walk, with my IV stand, to do some visiting on the maternity ward because two of Mummy’s friends have had babies and we also went to visit the NICU. Julie was there – she looked after me lots when I was sick and she was a really lovely nurse – and she was very pleased to see that I am doing so well. I am expecting lots of visitors again tomorrow, including my Grandma and Grandad, so I will need a really good sleep tonight. I am really pleased that lots of people have been able to visit me and Mummy lately – mostly because of all of the lovely cuddles they bring with them.

Love from Alyssa


A friend of ours, Jo gave birth to a little girl in the early hours of this morning. We met Jo at our antenatal classes (pre-Liam’s birth) and have regular catch ups with a small group of us and our little ones. Cooper was born almost 3 weeks before Liam so it’s cool that now our little Alyssa is only a few weeks older than their new Georgia. Jo was quite tired from a long night so we didn’t actually get a chance to meet Georgia but hopefully we will tomorrow if they’re feeling up to it. We did see Charlie (Georgia’s Dad) and Cooper in the corridor though and they got to meet Alyssa. We also heard from Clara that another of our work colleagues, Tammy, was on the ward having had her little girl Elena (I hope I spelt it right) on Thursday, so we went and visited her as well.

It was great to go and see Julie in the NICU too – she only works casually as she’s meant to be retired so we weren’t sure we’d catch up with her again, so we were pleased she was there. Julie was one of the main carers Alyssa had in the NICU at the LGH and she was really happy to see Alyssa doing so well after her trip to Melbourne and her surgery. All of the midwives that looked after me when I was sick and then Alyssa when she was sick have been keen to hear updates on how we’re doing – Alyssa is definitely one to remember.

It’s been really lovely having a few visitors this week. It was starting to feel very lonely and isolating at the hospital after so long, and having familiar faces around really breaks up the monotony of the long days. It’s lovely to see people enjoying being around Alyssa and everyone has been so blown away with how healthy and happy she looks after all the drama, which is lovely. She is one very loved little girl.

Oh and we’ve officially hit one month old today as well 🙂 It’s been such a long, long journey but gosh it’s gone quick!

~ Donna


One response to “Visitors and Visiting

  1. Geez guys, my heart goes out to you.

    My partner had our second yesterday and I tear up just imagining what you must be going through.

    She’s a beautiful girl and if she’s anything like you guys, this aint gonna keep her down for long.

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