Alyssa’s long line cannula has tissued

Unfortunately, Donna arrived at the hospital today to discover that the long line that was placed in Alyssa’s arm has “tissued” overnight. This means that the IV fluids are leaking out of the vein and into the surrounding tissue. Part of the reason they decided to insert a long line was to try and prevent the need to replace the cannula regularly, the hope was the line would last the full course of antibiotics.

Because Alyssa is so little and already had multiple cannulations in the past month, they cannot find another vein suitable for a long line, and they are fast running out of sites that will sustain a cannula long enough for her to have her IV antibiotics.


3 responses to “Alyssa’s long line cannula has tissued

  1. How long did it take after I left Donna?

  2. We had to leave the hospital to get to my appointment at 4:40 and she still wasn’t out yet. I was getting so anxious but I know the doctors knew what they were doing. They checked her BSL and it was quite high but they’d been giving her sucrose (for pain relief) during the procedure so that kept her going without the need for a feed.

    Thank you so much for keeping me company while she was gone – I might have gone insane waiting if I’d been by myself.

  3. Wow that was a long time. I am glad it is done.
    I am glad I could keep you company, it was great to catch up.

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