Two more weeks …

Yesterday Alyssa’s cannula was playing up, getting occluded frequently, but it seemed to be flushing ok. Well this morning it packed it in – it was only put in on Tuesday with the hope it would last until Friday at least. Then the doctors thought she might need one more until Monday when they thought we’d be heading home with our little girl and some oral antibiotics.

OMG, Halp!

This morning her doctor checked out the xrays that were done on admission (she hadn’t seen them earlier) and realised the infection had been a lot nastier than normal and she was concerned about taking her off her antibiotics too soon. So she contacted the infection specialists in Melbourne to seek their opinion before deciding whether or not to put a short term or long term cannula in. They took her away for another 90 minutes or so this morning and after a couple of attempts in her other leg they couldn’t get one in so they decided to leave it for a while and get a response from the specialists.

The verdict was two weeks minimum – another one of those shocks to my system hearing the news we weren’t going home anytime soon – which poses some problems with cannulas. Alyssa’s veins have either been used on previous IVs or they’re just too small to use or too hard to reach and they are really struggling to find new IV sites. But she needs one in somehow so they had another try this afternoon (another 90 or so minutes). They gave her a muscle relaxant which made her very sleepy, but they managed to find a suitable vein in her left arm again and they’ve noticed another potential vein next to it but they weren’t able to get a long line into her. Hopefully, with some super strapping and bandaging this cannula will last longer than two days. If these two sites collapse the only options left will likely be putting an IV into her neck or even into her head which will mean shaving her hair a little bit.

If none of these options work, or if they all work but all wear out before she’s finished her antis, the last option is surgery to insert a semi-permanent line. They have promised to do everything they can before resorting to this but it could be our only option if the lines keep collapsing. If this is needed we’ll most likely need to go down to Hobart for the operation.

As you can imagine, this was one of those difficult days – quite a few tears shed on my part. A combination of all the fuss of getting IVs into her (even though they’ve had her for 90 minutes they’ve only been poking her with needles for a couple of those minutes, but it’s still a lot of fussing for her) and the news we’re stuck in hospital, unable to come home, for another two weeks at least just made for a really difficult day. I was only just starting to allow myself to think we might actually be allowed home next week. But all in all, the very best thing to do is have her completely healed and healthy so we can go home and relax properly and hopefully enjoy christmas together as a family. If we are able to be home for christmas it will be the most special celebration for our families but I’m trying not to think too much of it just in case we aren’t able to be at home.

Thankfully, our very special friends Bob and Heather, with their adorable children, Pelham (same age as Liam) and Bridget (about 7-8 months) drove up from Burnie to meet Alyssa and spend some time with us. It was perfect timing as I got their warm hugs just after hearing we were staying in hospital longer. It was just so wonderful to see them – it had been a while – and I miss them already. As Alyssa wasn’t hooked up to a drip we were able to walk around with her and we all went and sat in the hospital playroom to chat, cuddle with Alyssa, and Pelham and Liam were able to play around together happily. It’s nice to escape our little hospital bedroom every now and then, without machines attached.

So with the drama of today, and the pleasure of Bob and Heather’s company, I haven’t had much time at all to think about my operation tomorrow. I keep waiting for the nerves to set in (this is my first surgery) but all I keep thinking about is hoping that Alyssa will be ok with her feeding without me for over 24 hours and will she have enough milk to get through. But I’m sure she’ll be fine – and I’m sure I will as well. At least one drama should be over and done with by the end of tomorrow and it will be nice not to worry about that horrid pain returning. I will miss my little girl though – I’m just looking at it as an opportunity to get a really good night’s sleep.

Think they've wrapped it well enough?

~ Donna


3 responses to “Two more weeks …

  1. Today’s the day!

    Hopefully you’re both all better for Christmas.

  2. Hope it went well today. Thinking of you lots and we both miss you and your beautiful little girl lots… and the boys as well 🙂

  3. Oh Donna, what a hard day for you all. You are being very sensible in not allowing yourself to get caught up in a going home date. I’ll come in next Tuesday afternoon again if you like?

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