Donna’s surgery went OK…

but it looks like she is going to have to stay in hospital an extra night – it’s really knocked her for six.

She’s still got a lot of pain and the surgeon and anaesthetist think that perhaps it’s because of all the other stress we’ve had and that her body isn’t capable of healing as quickly as would be expected.

I saw Alyssa last night, after I first looked in on Donna (who was off her head on pain killers so not really the greatest company). The nurses told me that Alyssa had been a bit lonely after Donna left, and that every time someone went into her room, she’d look around trying to find one of us and get upset when she was left alone again – way to break my heart Alyssa…

Eventually, they moved her out to the nurses desk (just outside her room) to keep her company, which was better. I gave her a bottle of EBM for her 7pm feed, she was supposed to have a minimum of 75mls according to the dietitian, but she drank nearly 100ml! Seems she may have been drinking more than we thought. Unfortunately, because Donna was so out of it, we didn’t get enough milk for her to make it through the night, so she would have had some soy formula in her overnight feed – Donna is expressing up at the hospital (for those who aren’t aware, they’re in different places, Donna is in the private hospital, St Vincents), so I will go and collect some milk shortly and take it around to the LGH for Alyssa so we can get her off the formula.

After I saw Alyssa and put her to bed for the night with her continuous feed, I went back around to see Donna for another hour or so. She was far more lucid, but still groggy and kept asking me the same questions. I’ve had some SMSes from her this morning though, and she at least sounds mentally with it, even though she is in some pain.


3 responses to “Donna’s surgery went OK…

  1. Glad it went well Donna. Get well quick.

  2. Poor Donna.

    On the bright side, because Alyssa has become used to not always being held, she’ll probably be an easy baby once you finally get out of the joint.

  3. Good to hear your on the mend Donna… Hope to see you all again soon.

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