Donna’s back home

Today started around 7am for me with a message from Donna – the nurses on the overnight shift must have been bored as they sent a letter via fax “from” Alyssa across to her in the early hours of the morning!

Anyway, I sprung Donna from the hospital about 10:30am this morning. Her folks and I rocked up to visit to find her showered, dressed and ready to be discharged, so we grabbed her gear and headed off to the LGH to visit Alyssa.

Donna gave her a feed, which I’m sure she appreciated since she doesn’t seem to like the bottles so much, and we spent some time with her before Donna decided it was too much for her to try and stay for the afternoon due to the pain from her op, so we tucked Alyssa in and came home to have lunch and so I could catch up on household stuff like washing and mowing the lawns while Donna rested.

My parents called into the hospital on their way home from Scamander – I lost track of time and came inside at 4:50 to find a message saying they’d meet me at the hospital at 4:30! Oops. I called dad’s mobile and found that not only were they there, but mum was giving Alyssa her bottle, so I jumped in the car and went back in to spend an hour or so with them and Alyssa, and to deliver another batch of milk.

I managed to get Alyssa settled and sleeping by 6pm, so we left her there – it’s strange but this is the first night that neither of us has been there to see her continuous feed to go on – it’s not that we don’t trust the nurses by now, but it’s a bit of a bed time routine for us to spend with Alyssa, but I’m sure she was just fine nonetheless.

Tomorrow, I’ll take Donna in to give Alyssa her second feed for the day around 11am, it’s a big ask to try and get there at 8am when Donna is still recovering and on pain killers – I’d prefer her not to drive when they might make her sleepy, so I guess that means I’ll be playing taxi for a few days. Hopefully by then Donna won’t be needing the meds and will be recovered enough to drive herself.


2 responses to “Donna’s back home

  1. Good to hear you are home Donna, if you need a taxi driver or a meal let me know.

  2. Make sure the meters running Warren 🙂

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