It Warms Your Heart

Liam has just decided to have midnight cuddles with Mummy and Daddy after waking screaming, tossing and turning in his bed. He’s calmed down now with a cup of warm milk and came to me in my study, quietly asking…

‘Is Alyssa at the hospital?’

‘Yes mate, she’s at the hospital sleeping’.

‘Alyssa still sick?’

‘Yes she is still sick’.

‘Alyssa get better and come to our house?’

‘Yes mate’ (tears welling in the eyes)

Pointing to my chest, ‘Mummy give Alyssa milk’

‘That’s right. I give Alyssa lots of milk to make her get better faster’.

I knew he understood what was going on to some extent but it’s the first time he’s really verbalised about bringing Alyssa home from the hospital. I’m pleased he understands that she is sick but she will get better and that being in hospital isn’t the normal thing and that she is meant to, and one day will, come home and live with us – that she’s part of our family. It both breaks and warms my heart at the same time.

And with that he happily trudged back off to bed with Daddy – hopefully for the rest of the night now – and Mummy will go off to get some more of that magic milky medicine to make Alyssa all better.


5 responses to “It Warms Your Heart

  1. Natalie Polis

    Oh how precious. Liam you are a wonderful big brother. I look forward to introducing you to Benjamin sometime soon.

  2. How Sweet!! Liam really is a good big brother!

  3. That is so sweet. Isn’t it great how our kids just quickly adapt to it all. Hopefully once Alyssa is out, she won’t need to be back in hospital at all, or at least until she gets her PEG.

    My boys now LOVE it when Noah is in there because they get to play lots of games on the xbox and play in the awesome new playground. They act like it is great, but then I often get little comments or questions from Jalen like ‘what’s wrong with Noah this time Mum?’ or ‘is pneumonia serious?’. Deep down they really worry.

  4. Yes, hopefully it will be a long time before we’re back in hospital. We’ll need to go back to have her PEG in and then it should only be anytime she has gastro (vomiting or diorrhea) to go on a drip.

    And obviously Liam worries about her but deep down, I think he’s kinda happy she’s in hospital if only for the chance to enjoy the playground – he loves it šŸ™‚ I don’t know what we’ll do when she’s home and he asks to go to hospital to play in the playroom.

  5. what a sweetie Liam is! He is going to be a very caring big brother when you finally get to take Alyssa home.

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