Such a pretty face…

Alyssa’s naso-gastric tubes are able to be kept in for up to a month and her last one has been in for nearly three weeks so we were planning to get it changed next week before we’re discharged. As I was lifting Alyssa out of her bed today I snagged the end in the metal bars and it pulled the tube and ripped the tape half off her face, the poor thing, so we figured it was as good a time as any to change the tube. So I took her tube out around lunchtime and we left it out until she needed it again at bedtime before getting hooked up to the feed pump. It is such a special treat to see her gorgeous face unmarred by the tube and the overpowering tape holding it down. It makes me wish I felt more comfortable putting the tube in myself and that it didn’t bother her so much because otherwise I would take it out every morning and reinsert it every night – just to be able to see her whole precious face every day. It’s such a simple thing to be able to see all of her face but when we don’t get that most days, it’s a very special thing for us. But she has the new tube inserted now and is happily pumping away for the night.

It was a day of fresh starts with a new cannula being inserted into her left arm and the great news is this one went in first go without any fussing and bothering for two hours like it often takes. Usually I’m left sitting around anxiously waiting but today I decided to race home to get changed (I’ll explain…) only to come back to the hospital and find out she’d been in and out in about 15 minutes and fallen asleep waiting for me to come back.

I arrived to find Alyssa in a different outfit to the one I left her in the previous night – she’d managed to throw up some milk all over her front. I gave her a feed and we laid down for a cuddle on my chest and she proceeded to throw up quite a hefty amount all down my front requiring a full change of clothes above the waist (hence going home when I got the chance). So by day’s end Alyssa had had 4 outfit changes and me glad to head home for my third outfit change too. She’s not throwing up excessively but it’s been enough to keep a close eye on and make me a little nervous. I’ve come home to find Warren unwell also, so we’re hoping she hasn’t managed to pick up a tummy bug whilst in hospital (although better to deal with it while she’s already in hospital than once we’d returned home and needing to head back). I’ve asked the nurses to reduce her milk volumes a little overnight and keep an extra close eye on her, but I’m sure she’ll be quite alright.

december-2008-016I also managed to entertain Liam for about 5 hours at the hospital today. I brought him back with me at lunchtime and I sat with Alyssa in the playroom watching Liam play for a couple of hours until Warren and Tristan arrived.  He did frequently stop playing to come and give me a snuggle and ask what Alyssa was doing. He started to get a bit tired but he was pretty good really and it was nice to spend a bit of time with him as I don’t really see him much these days. I’m looking forward to getting Alyssa home so I can sit and cuddle and feed her on my own couch and watch Liam play with his own toys – simple things!


5 responses to “Such a pretty face…

  1. Natalie Polis

    Ah the joys of babies and vomit. I think four changes of outfit was the best Benjamin ever managed so you are equal with him already Alyssa. But there is no need to top his record okay?

  2. Alyssa certainly does have a pretty face! Just beautiful! 🙂

  3. A gorgeous little princess.

  4. Caitlin was a reflux baby and I always took 3 changes of clothes every time we left the house. lol

    Hopefully she’s better now.

  5. June Jenion-Morgan

    She is such a gorgeous little girl, I hope to be able to see her in the flesh when we come down for Xmas. I expect she will be home by then

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