After The Great Escape (in pictures)

“YAY! I’m home!”

Having some tummy time at home next to my big brother, Liam, who’s not feeling very well at the moment.

Liam had a strong urge to just reach out and touch his baby sister and gently rubbed her hands and head with his fingers. He was very careful and couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was a much more relaxed time together than they could ever have in the hospital.

Having a cuddle with Mummy on the couch. We just had a really long feed, so Alyssa is looking particularly full and satisfied.

It’s been a long, long day and we’re all ready for bed.

Daddy got my feeding pump all set up ready to go for the night. We haven’t had to do this for a while because the nurses had been doing it at the hospital. No doubt it will become quite a habit soon enough.


6 responses to “After The Great Escape (in pictures)

  1. It’s sooooo great that you are home! Hope you get to stay home for a long time now and that hospital will soon be a very distant memory!

  2. I’m so happy for you guys, Alyssa looks really plump & healthy. Also nice to see you wearing a nerdy t shirt Donna, I bet that was a present from Warren!


  3. Hahah Lauren – I actually bought that one myself 😀

    Lisa: I hope so too. Except I have to go back today – we left our soy formula in the cupboard – whoops!

  4. Welcome home Alyssa!!!

    She looks beautiful! Congratulations!!

  5. I hope the feed pump isn’t too noisy at night for you. We had one once and it was so noisy, but that looks a lot smaller, so it is probably quieter. You do block out the noise after a bit though.

  6. Lisa: It’s actually not that bad. A small kashhhhoo sound every 30 seconds or so. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it more than a few times before drifting off to sleep – but then we’re both pretty exhausted these days 😀 Alyssa seems to be used to it as well.

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