Letter To Our Families…

This is something I wrote for our families at Christmas time but the printer wasn’t working when I went to print it (I wouldn’t have been able to read one sentence without bawling) so I figured I may as well share it here 😀

We are truly blessed to be a part of two families who can work together, support each other and share joys and sorrows together. So many people complain about their families and I’m forever telling people we must be some of the lucky ones—we have great parents and siblings and we’re both lucky to have in laws we can love and trust.

To be faced with the prospect of losing a much longed for daughter days after we finally met her is likely to be the saddest, hardest thing we’ve ever had to face and ever will. No other situation could make us value family even more than we already did — so for our families to rally around us, stand behind us, hold onto us and simply be there for us only deepens our appreciation. We would have not survived such tragic circumstances if it had not been for the love of you all—for driving (and flying) hours to be with us when we needed you, for folding washing and scrubbing toilets to let us stay focussed on more important things, for listening and trying to understand this situation we were now faced with.

We know you have shared our tears and fears and have followed our difficult path this year with every bump and turn and we look to the new year, optimistic that things are going to work out well and we will survive this. Knowing our family are right behind us gets us through the tough days.

We definitely are the lucky ones!


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