The kiddies …

I’ve got a couple of hundred photos of Tristan I imagine – most when he was little in the pre-digital age – in his thirteen years.

Liam’s photo folder consists of many, many hundreds of photos (probably over 1000) in his two and a half years.

Alyssa, in just 10 1/2 short weeks, has literally thousands of photos taken. Goodness 🙂 Most of it has been documenting her hospital life, however many are simply because she’s just so darn cute and I want to remember her gorgeous little outfits forever. I mean, let’s face it, most of her little outfits only get worn once or twice before she’s grown out of them.

(Gosh that was hard choosing just one photo!)

I’ve got plenty of photos of Tristan and Liam having fun together.

I’ve got lots of photos of Liam and Alyssa because they’re just so cute together.

Tristan is at an age now though where avoiding the camera at all costs is crucial to his wellbeing – apparently.SO I have almost no photos of him with Alyssa (except for a couple in the hospital where he was crying his eyes out as we all were, so I won’t be sharing those out of respect) and I think I had one photo of the three of my kids together when Alyssa was first born – again not a great photo. It’s really hard to get three kids to all co-operate in front of a camera at the same time.

So when Tristan was cuddling Alyssa on the couch the other day while Warren and I were busy I had to grab the camera. They might not be great photos but I just knew I needed some of them together.

I then convinced Liam to clamber up for a quick photo too and although they’re not masterpieces, I was just happy to have them all facing the general direction of the camera with relatively happy faces.


One response to “The kiddies …

  1. Wonderful photos. You look good Tristan, had a chuckle at the frown on Alyssa’s little face.

    Gorgeous pic of all three.

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