Alyssa makes more friends…

There really hasn’t been much to report for Alyssa lately. Life with her these days is pretty much a normal, regular baby life. She sleeps, she feeds, she cries, she poops, ad infinitum. She has started smiling and laughing and talking quite a lot though which has Mummy and Daddy just heart achingly in love with every coo and gurgle and smirk.

But it’s been another big couple of days for Alyssa. Warren’s cousin Tammy, her husband Grant and their son Jacob are getting ready to move from Devonport to Adelaide and they hadn’t had the chance to meet Alyssa yet as we were in Melbourne when they were last up in Launceston. Tammy has been one of many offering words of support for Alyssa through this ordeal and I wanted her to get a cuddle in – the next time we see them Alyssa is likely to be at school the way things go. I also found out that Warren’s Aunty Mindy was also in Devonport for a few days, down from Sydney, so I decided to make a day trip and take Alyssa and Liam for a drive to Devonport to see Tammy, Mindy and then drive on through to Burnie to see my Mum and Dad for a bit.

Tammy’s house was most of the way to being packed up when we arrived but there was still a couch out, so we sat down for some cuddles and a feed while we waited for Grant to return home, but unfortunately he didn’t get back before we really needed to head off, which was a pity, but it was good to see Tammy, give her a cuddle to send her on her way, and for her to say she’s at least met Alyssa now. She certainly won’t miss seeing her grow up – there’ll no doubt be plenty of photos šŸ™‚

We then took a drive around to Warren’s Grandma’s house to see Aunty Mindy but she’d gone out to lunch with some friends, so we headed to Burnie to my parent’s house for a while and planned to stop in on our way back through Devonport.We spent a couple of hours at Nanna and Poppy’s house, with Uncle Casey who is on holidays at the moment, and I got to have a nice snooze while Alyssa had lots of cuddles and Liam had fun playing with some of Tristan’s old toys my Mum had kept.

We made a quick stop at Grandad’s (Warren’s parents) house on our way back home but Alyssa and Liam were sleepy and we were pressed for time so we didn’t get out of the car. Grandad was treated to some special Alyssa grins though.

Grandma was at work, in Ulverstone, a few minutes from their home, so we stopped off there for a quick visit too, which surprised her. Grandma works as a veterinary nurse so she showed off her precious grand daughter to her colleagues who’ve all heard heaps about her, and then one of the ladies offered to take Liam out the back to see the animals that were currently staying over. There was a cat and a few big dogs in their cages and Liam was able to pat a couple of them. Grandma even took Alyssa into the operating room to meet her boss who was oeprating on a dogĀ  – but I figure Alyssa is very familiar with surgical procedures now so she wasn’t fussed. She very nearly gave the boss a smile before Grandma got one though … tsk tsk Alyssa!

We were about an hour later than we’d planned now but we finally got back to Devonport and Aunty Mindy had a beautiful cuddle, got some little smiles and a huge shock as Alyssa’s nappy completely exploded with impressive sound effects. I went out to the car to get a new nappy and by the time I’d got back inside I had to head back out again for a complete change of clothes. I think little ALyssa has made a firmly imbedded memory for Aunty Mindy there šŸ™‚

Special friends of ours, Jo and Leigh and their 1 year old son Kale were coming to visit us today, all the way from Smithton (almost 3 hours on the other side of Tassie) to meet Alyssa for the first time, but Jo called yesterday to ask if they could stay last night instead so we hurried home from Devonport. We got home at about 7pm and had a lovely barbecue (we’ve had some really lovely weather finally) and spent the night watching Kale and Liam chase each other around, watching Kale climb all over Tristan and having a lovely time getting to know Alyssa. It was lovely to see Kale toddling around – the last time we saw him he was almost crawling but he’s definitely got the hang of his legs now. We got Kale, Liam and Alyssa into bed and spent the night scaring and amusing each other with the Singstar on the Play Station. It’s lovely playing Singstar with friends who don’t take themselves too seriously and can just have fun with it.

So today we spent a bit of a lazy morning with Jo, Leigh and Kale before they finally headed off to do a bit of shopping. We tried to get some photos of our catch up but with two toddlers it was virtually impossible to get a good one. Both Leigh and I tried to get a photo of Jo with the three little ones but there was always one not co-operating.Ā  I so wish we lived closer together – we really don’t get to see each other enough. If luck plays fair we might be headed their way to cuddle a new baby for their family sometime in the near future *wink wink* Here’s hoping because I got the impression little Kale thought babies were a bit of alright.

I finally organised Alyssa’s photo to go into our local newspaper for their ‘Babies of 2008’ edition which is due out on Australia Day. In all of the chaos that was Alyssa’s first few weeks we never got around to putting a birth notice into the paper and we felt really bad about it. Both of the boys have their announcement clippings still and we would have felt absolutely rotten if we hadn’t officially welcomed Alyssa to the world if we’d lost her. It might seem like a silly thing to worry about but it did bother me at least so we decided to put her photo in for this special feature instead. It was so incredibly hard picking a photo – she has so many gorgeous photos – but we finally picked one from Christmas Day.


4 responses to “Alyssa makes more friends…

  1. It is always nice to catch up with family and friends. Love the quilt in the first photo. Is this the one your Mum made?

  2. That’s the one Aunty Kathy. Didn’t she do a good job – her first attempt too!

  3. Yes she did. It is absolutely gorgeous. Alyssa looks like a little doll. So gorgeous – a real little princess. The photo of Alyssa with Tam and Angie are great.

  4. Sorry had another look and realised it is Mindy with Alyssa. Recognised the wallpaper in Mum’s lounge room.

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