Sunshine, friends and family …

We’ve had a very social week this past week.

Ante-Natal Get Together

Last Sunday we had a get together at our house with the other parents we’ve kept in contact with from Liam’s antenatal class. There are four couples who’ve stayed in touch over the past 2 1/2 years. We all had our children – 3 boys and 1 girl – within 3 weeks of each other. To keep things interesting, three of us have had our next children at the same time. Alyssa was born on Octoer 22nd, Georgia was born on November 22nd and Carol’s baby is booked in to be born on January 22nd. It’ll be interesting if Carol has a girl too, seeing as Jo, Carol and I had boys last time. It is always lovely to catch up but now it’s even more exciting with the second round of kids joining us.

We always take a photo of the 4 kids in the order of their births with Cooper being first and Liam being the baby. It’s not always easy getting this photo and this time it was Liam’s turn to be grumpy and not co-operate. This was the best shot I got but at least Liam is facing towards the camera.

Here’s Round Two: Jo with baby Georgia, Carol with her tummy bubby, and me with Alyssa.

I can’t wait until Georgia and Alyssa are a bit older and can play together like the older four have been.During this visit they both just laid there but they did snuggle themselves up together for a bit.

Melissa, Kate and Sandy

On Monday Liam, Alyssa and I went to meet some old work friends of mine, Melissa and Sandy and caught them up with Alyssa’s fun and games and just had a lovely afternoon together. Melissa’s daughter Kate is only a couple of months older than Liam and we worked together on the same class when we both returned from maternity leave so it’s been lovely to catch up as we don’t get to see each other very often. Sandy is due to have her next bub in the next couple of weeks as well so it was great seeing her.

Nat and Bronwyn

On Wednesday night two of my current work colleagues and good friends Nat and Bronwyn came around for a bbq and some cuddles with Alyssa. The last time they saw us was just before Alyssa was wheeled off for her arm surgery and I collapsed in the operating theatre with a gallstones attack so we were long overdue for some cuddles. Nat was my next door neighbour teacher who looked after me wonderfully while I was so sick, pregnant with Alyssa. I missed a lovely photo opportunity while she entertained Liam with a bedtime story. Bronwyn  bought Alyssa this gorgeous outfit – can you guess what she teaches at school? Yep, she’s the music teacher 🙂 Thanks Bron!

Monique, Clint, Kynan and Stephanie

Friday night had us entertaining the Reid family. Monique was responsible for Alyssa’s beautiful birth canvas posted earlier in the blog so we had to have her around to see the canvas proudly displayed on her bedroom wall 🙂 Again, lots of lovely cuddles, and Liam really enjoyed the evening playing with Steph and Kynan.

A beautiful Saturday with family

One of my favourite aunties 🙂 Aunty Carol is visiting in Tassie at the moment and Mum and Dad decided to bring her up to Launceston for a drive so we decided to have a nice bbq lunch. They brought Poppa and Carol’s two boys (who I was sure were still about 10 years old but apparently cousins grow up when you don’t see them for a long time) Tim and Nick with them and we spent the day sitting out on the deck in the beautiful sunshine enjoying a yummy bbq lunch and catching up. I don’t get to see Aunty Carol very often so it’s always a treat and she loved cuddling with Alyssa for the afternoon.

It’s just been such a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable week catching up with good friends. We really should make time to do it more often!

Summer has finally arrived!

The weather hasn’t been terribly inspiring lately but summer decided to show up this week and Liam and Alyssa finally got to test out their bathers that Santa brought them. Liam had a wonderful time jumping around in the sprinkler.

Alyssa wasn’t quite so keen (the water was a bit cold for her in the paddling pool) but she looked pretty cute in her little bikini. If she ever needs the stomach PEG she might not feel comfortable wearing a bikini so we thought we’d give her the opportunity now, just in case. We think she looks pretty cute in whatever she wears though, with or without tubes and PEGs!


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