Oh swear words …

I did it again 😦

Usually I have Alyssa’s alarm set for about 6 hours at night but she didn’t get a lot of sleep yesterday (or it was broken sleep with all the visitors) so I set it for 6 1/2 hours but that’s okay because we know she’s made it to 7 before. However, knowing this still doesn’t stop us from being cautious – not until we get these DNA results back soon. So last night I may have said a rude couple of words when I heard Alyssa cry and sat up wondering when the second alarm (set 10 minutes later as a back up) was going to go off. I looked at the clock and the answer to that question was “one hour ago!” Initially I freaked because I thought that had been 8 hours but once I’d settled feeding her I realised it was only 7 1/2 but still longer than she’s been yet.

Warren wanted me to just feed her straigh away but I had to know her BSL so I quickly checked it and would you believe it … 5.0.

So great news really that she can obviously last that long – there are plenty of other Mums to newborns out there, jealous that Alyssa sleeps for so long overnight and we initially thought we were living on a three hourly basis so this has been wonderful. We’ll still stick to the 6 hours until we know for sure but she looks like she’s doing really well. I just wish we knew for sure – and if she doesn’t have GSD, I wish we knew what was up with her liver.


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