Australia Day Weekend

We headed off to Scamander for Australia Day weekend with Warren’s parents, Angie and David, to stay in their holiday house with them. When we first found out how sick Alyssa was and was likely to be for the rest of her life we instantly doubted our capability to go on this regular little holiday as it’s a couple of hours to the nearest major hospital in Tassie and if she had gotten sick very quickly we could have been too far away. But with her improvement and maintaining her blood sugar levels so well we had started to think we could do some of these very normal things for our family. So we packed up the tubes and tape and glucometers and formulas and syringes and everything we might need in an emergency, not realising this would be the last time we’d ever need to go through this exhaustive routine as it was a week or so later we found out it was all unnecessary.

We had a lovely relaxing weekend away though. Liam thoroughly enjoyed his special time with Grandad – he’s quite the Grandad fan actually and I quite think Grandad is a big Liam fan too. It’s the same with all of the grandparents but he does like hanging out with Grandad. They spent  a bit of time in the backyard sorting through the plums that had fallen off the trees into edible and not so. Liam became quite skilled in deciding which plums were the “yucky ones”.

The good weather had come before and after we were down in Scamander though so there wasn’t too much sunshine and hot weather for long days at the beach. It was certainly too cold to take Alyssa to the beach so she often stayed behind with Grandma and Grandad, or Mummy and Daddy while the rest went to play around at the beach.

It was too cold for any serious swimming but with a shark attack at the nearby Binalong Bay the week earlier it probably was better to stay firmly on the shore anyway.

Liam did get to experience jumping the waves and collecting shells and building sandcastles and it was a real effort to convince him it was home time each day.

He really enjoyed hanging out with Tristan on the beach and I’m glad Tristan’s not ‘too old’ to enjoy this time with his little brother too.

I even went back to my kiddie days (have I ever left them is the real question?) and enjoyed some sand sculpting. I was quite impressed with my effort. Liam decided the following day that the turtle had gone swimming when it was gone the following day.

It was lovely just chilling for a couple of days and not worry about all the normal home things or the impending work things. Just hanging on the beach, catching up on some reading, enjoying tasty barbecues and playing board games. It’s always nice to head away to Scamander – and it’s nice to know it’ll continue to happen regularly without having to worry about health emergencies.


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