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Going, Going and GONE!

Clever girl!!!



We’re rolling…!

Alyssa has rolled over from her back to her front, towards her left, a couple of times but it’s been as much accident as effort. Warren told me today she completely rolled over on her own while I was at work. By the time I got home this afternoon and put her down on her playmat she tried to roll a few times making it almost over before flopping back to her back. After a few attempts she managed to work her way completely over and putting her on her back she did it immediately again. She had a bit of a play on her tummy and started to get cranky with it so I popped her back over and she instantly rolled back onto her tummy. This went on for another dozen or so rolls – me putting her on her back, her rolling over, grizzling and screaming, me rolling her back over, her rolling back to her tummy, and so on and so on.

It’s delightful to see her strong enough and co-ordinated enough to roll herself over finally (she’s 4 months on Sunday – Liam rolled over at 11 weeks) but it’s not going to be much fun when she hates being on her tummy so much. There’s now no such thing as her having a long, happy play on her back on the playmat while we tend to other tasks because she’s now rolling the instant you place her on her back. We’re in for a few fun days (or weeks) until she figures out how to get back the other way I think.

But yay really … pretty exciting news. I’ll try and get a video of it tomorrow and upload here.

Oh and none of my students lost or severed any body parts today! WooHoo!!!

Growing Up…

Once upon a time, there was a baby girl so small that it was nearly impossible to see her when she slept in her cradle.

And then one day, SHE GREW UP!

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More Hospital Drama …

I went back to work this past week. I’m only there for two days a week at the moment but I’ll probably pick up a bit of relief teaching along the way.

Thursdays finds me working in a couple of different roles and Friday I get to be on a lovely Prep class.

My first Friday rolled up and I was all set and ready to get some good things underway and we had a good start – until recess that is.

The class were lining up at the main door to go to library after recess (about 11:25) and some students were still coming into the classroom from playing outside.

When I got to the front of the line, one little girl (let’s call her MissM), standing as the leader, tapped me and told me her finger was stuck. I had a look and her finger was jammed in the gap in the doorway where it is hinged to the door jamb (not in the hinges though). I had to move the door to un-jam her fingers and she pulled her hand away. I noticed a lot of blood and had a look to see that her fingernail had come off her finger in one piece. It was up a few mms and to an angle and it looked pretty gross. I was holding her hand palm towards the ground and she was dripping quite a bit of blood. I called for my neighbour teacher to call the office for immediate first aid support.

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‘I Love My Little Sister’ Happy Valentine’s Day

Every now and then, when the mood strikes, Liam grabs the camera and brings it to me, asking me to take a photo. On this day, I was watching Alyssa laying happily on the ground, Liam gives me the camera and laid down next to her saying ‘take a picture of us Mummy!’ He loves holding hands with her.

‘Do you love your little sister?’

‘Les!’ he answers … too cute 🙂

If only I’d had Tristan around to get him into this photo. One of my new favourites along with the one above…

You can’t half tell they came from the same parents hey?

(Note: I just went to see what the date was when these photos were taken and discovered it was Valentine’s Day – how appropriate).

Updating …

I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated here which is a bit sad because so much has happened for us over the last 3 weeks but that’s it – we’ve just been so so busy. As always, there’s plenty of photos of recent events so it’ll make writing up some parts much easier by refreshign the memory. So visit again in a few days and there’ll be more updates of our recent sojourns.

The Wobbly Bridge

Jonno and Lisa (Warren’s brother and his fiance) came to stay with us for a couple of nights while they were here in Tassie. They showed up on Wednesday arvo and we had a nice relaxing night with a barbecue and catching up. Unfortunately Thursday was my first day at work so I didn’t get to spend much time with them which was a real pity. Tristan had already started school on the Tuesday so he got to spend even less time with them.

Tristan did pull out the Boggle one evening and had a few rounds with Uncle Jonno and Aunty Lisa, which he enjoyed.

Liam was the lucky one in this visit, with Uncle Jonno giving him plenty of attention. It’s such a shame that Liam won’t get to see them often – he loves all of his uncles so much and he really enjoyed having Jonno around.
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