Poppy’s Birthday

My Dad’s birthday is January 30th. How old was he? Let’s just say he’s older than I am 🙂

We took a drive down to Burnie to see him for his birthday and decided that we’d actually go out and have a bbq and a play at a beach somewhere, instead of just hanging around Mum and Dad’s house. All of that time at the beach at Scamander last week gave us the outdoors bug I think. Mum and Dad were keen so we headed to the Cam River in Somerset for a bbq. My brothers Casey and Bobby came along as well and Danny showed up a little while later.It wasn’t the best weather for a day out but that probably helped because we got a barbecue spot straight away so Dad got stuck into cooking …

and the boys got stuck into the eating …

after a bit of rough and tumble with Tristan and a soccer ball and a tree – hrrmmm. Apparently someone forgot to tell Tristan that in soccer you kick balls, not trees.

Today it also happened to be Dad’s Dad’s birthday (my Pop) and they live in Somerset so Nan, Pop and Aunty Jan came down to meet us at the park for a while. They loved seeing Alyssa again, especially now that she’s so well…

and it was a great chance to get some family photos taken…

We had to take the obligatory 4 generations picture:

and while we were at it I asked Dad when the last time he and Mum had had a photo taken with his parents and he said it was probably at their wedding (over 30 years ago), so I’m glad I asked.

After all of the photo combinations were accounted for, we headed off for the beach. I can’t remember the last time I headed to the beach with my parents or my brothers – it would have to have been years. We used to go to the beach all the time and Mum’s family did a massive get together every Boxing Day at a beach but we hadnt done anything like this in a long time. It was a really lovely day.

Poppy had a lovely time introducing Alyssa to sand.

And Liam enjoyed himself yet again.

It certainly wasn’t swimming weather but it was perfect kite flying weather. I’m glad we’d taken it along with us as a ‘just in case’ thing.

All in all a wonderful way to spend the day – hope it’s a birthday to remember for Daddy. It was a lovely way to spend a day with family and it obviously put us all in a good mood

but then again, maybe we’re just always all this silly 🙂

We ended off the day with a yummy birthday cake

and as you do most birthday gatherings, you help Poppy shell peas from his garden – apparently 🙂


One response to “Poppy’s Birthday

  1. Hello
    The photos are lovely and it was nice catching up with you all. We think of you often and hope everything is going well. Love from us all. xx

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