No more alarms!

I’ve been meaning to update since we got our great news but we’ve been flat out.

I was incredibly anxious about just stopping night time alarms and BSL tests when we found out the news that Alyssa doesn’t have GSD but by the time I’d put her to bed that night I was feeling much more relaxed. Deciding to just be brave and get on with our normal baby life I went to bed without setting an alarm and thought I’d just let her sleep as long as she wanted to and I’d do a BSL when she woke just to settle my nerves.

Our usual routine was to feed her at about 9-9:30pm and she’d be in bed within half an hour of her feed and we’d set the alarm for about 4:00am giving her about 7 hours sleep. This night she was in bed much the same as usual but we didn’t wake to her crying until 6:00am which was awesome. The next night she was up a couple of times but it was too hot for anyone to sleep so I’m not surprised. Last night she slept through until about 5:30am again so she’s obviously loving her night time sleeps.

I figured she woke crying and hungry so I decided to be even braver and not give her a heel prick. It was a bit weird not freaking out and doing a BSL because she slept so long but all I’ve wished for her over the last 3 months is that she didn’t need to be stabbed on the foot all the time and I’d hated waking her every night when she quite obviously was happy asleep. So I realised I would only have done those things to make me feel better and I had to stop them sometimes so I may as well just get on with it. Three nights on I have no compulsion whatsoever to stab her precious little feet anymore 🙂 And she isn’t going to need a stomach PEG now and every time I think of that I can’t help but smile so thankfully that we don’t have to put her through that.

I know Alyssa would be brave enough to endure all that was headed her way and we would have survived it – but my gosh I’m so so so thankful we don’t even need to worry anymore. We’ve been blessed!


4 responses to “No more alarms!

  1. Aunty Kathy, Perth, WA

    Fantastic news Donna. Sleeping right through the night is the same as any baby now so you will all start to perk up.
    Bet you are looking forward to seeing Jonno and Lisa this weekend.

  2. WOW!!! Fantastic news and please keep up the blog. Its really good to hear. Hope you might think about publishing it… would b e a good read and support for other parents in similiar situations.

  3. Great news Donna & Warren! I just caught up on about 2 months of updates all in one sitting (I haven’t had net access). Any news or suggestions on what the condition is (was?) and if this is expected to be permanent or was a random “speedbump” that has now passed…

    By the way…. you are definitely right – what a cutie!!!


  4. Hey Myra. As far as the docs are concerned, all of the trouble was caused by the infection. How she got that infection – which she obviously had at birth or in the day or two afterwards – we will now never know. Their final verdict is that we now have a healthy, normal little girl who should have no further complications. We’ll keep an eye on her liver for a few more months but they suspect it won’t cause any further issues and will gradually revert to normal.

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