Uncle Jonno and Aunty Lisa Arrive in Tassie

Warren’s brother, Jonno, and his fiance, Lisa, live far too far away in Perth, W.A. so we don’t get to see them much. We went for a visit last January just before I got pregnant with Alyssa, and spent a week or so there. And they flew to Melbourne to see Alyssa when she was staying at the Royal Children’s Hospital so they have seen Alyssa already. This holiday back to Tassie had already been planned so they got to spend even more time with Alyssa as a bubby which is really nice.

Jonno and Lisa got in to Tassie on Friday night. Today we headed to Penguin to Warren and Jonno’s parents place for a family barbecue. We got to spend the afternoon with Uncle Jonno and Aunty Lisa, Grandma (Angie) and Grandad (David), Grandmama (Angie’s Mum), Poppy (David’s Dad), Aunty Viv (David’s sister) and her husband Uncle Ken, and Warren’s cousin Nathan. As expected Liam had lots of fun playing with everyone and Alyssa got lots and lots of cuddles. Alyssa had a lovely cuddle with Aunty Viv but she’s shy and she’d probably be crabby with me if I put her photo on here – even though it’s a beautiful picture of the two of them.

With all of us only able to get together occasionally (gee, who makes these travel things so expensive) there follows the obligatory family photo. It’s hard working with children but this one was good enough – we’re all sort of looking at the camera and happy enough 🙂

Alyssa had many stories to tell her enraptured grandparents.

We had a few of Angie and David’s friends pop over to say gday to Jonno and Lisa (and Alyssa too I’m sure) and they enjoyed some lovely cuddles with Alyssa – all very pleased to see her so very well. Lenny and Frank’s daughter in law had a baby when we were back at hospital with Alyssa, before we knew what was wrong with her, so they were really pleased to hear it all ended well.

After a relaxing afternoon, Angie and David took us all out for dinner at a local pub/restaurant. It was a lovely meal and nice to have some more time with Jonno and Lisa before we headed back to Launceston.

Alyssa sat up in the hug-a-bub sling for ages, taking in the crowds before having a big sleep just before the food was served – what a clever girl!

We headed back to the house to have dessert (was unimpressed the restaurant wouldn’t let me bring the Violet Crumble cake home as takeaway) and Liam got some help from Uncle Jonno before we got the little ones dressed for bed and headed off on the long drive home. A lovely day with family!



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