Hold Our Heads Up …

When Liam was 3 days old he went back to hospital to spend a bit of time sunbaking under the phototherapy lights for jaundice. Such a little baby but he was so strong and quite capable of holding his head up high from early on. Here’s a photo of Liam taken on the 20th July, 2006 (he was born on the 15th) showing off how strong his neck was.

Alyssa is almost 4 months old and although we weren’t too worried, she hated tummy time (recommended 10 minutes a day from birth) and was completely unable to lift her head off the ground. We were pretty certain that her shoulder operation and recovery has had something to do with it, hence why we weren’t worrying about it being a late development but we’d hoped she’d get her strength up soon.

Finally Alyssa figured out what to do when we had another go at some tummy time. It was an effort for her but for a few brief seconds she was able to lift her head off her mat and take a look around. She had a few goes at lifting her head, with longer rests in between, but she finally seemed to enjoy time on her tummy and having a look around, instead of just face planting the ground. Before now she’d even struggled to move her head around to look the other way so this was a bit of a surprise development. She still seems to be putting most of her weight onto her good shoulder but she is using her right arm to help push herself up.

It’s only been the last few weeks that she’s been making an effort to reach up and play with the hanging toys on her bouncer and mat and she’s improving the co-ordination, particularly in her sore arm, very quickly.



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