The Wobbly Bridge

Jonno and Lisa (Warren’s brother and his fiance) came to stay with us for a couple of nights while they were here in Tassie. They showed up on Wednesday arvo and we had a nice relaxing night with a barbecue and catching up. Unfortunately Thursday was my first day at work so I didn’t get to spend much time with them which was a real pity. Tristan had already started school on the Tuesday so he got to spend even less time with them.

Tristan did pull out the Boggle one evening and had a few rounds with Uncle Jonno and Aunty Lisa, which he enjoyed.

Liam was the lucky one in this visit, with Uncle Jonno giving him plenty of attention. It’s such a shame that Liam won’t get to see them often – he loves all of his uncles so much and he really enjoyed having Jonno around.

On Thursday Jonno and Lisa decided to take Liam for a visit to City Park to give Warren a bit of time to settle in with Alyssa as it was her first day without Mummy at home. City Park was closed as they prepared to set up for Festivale so they headed up High Street to a park for a bit of a kick around with the soccer ball. I wish I’d been able to go with them but going by these photos that Lisa took, I think he had a lot of fun – particularly throwing his ball into the trees so we hear.

Jonno wanted to take Lisa to the Cataract Gorge for a visit so they took Liam with them which is exciting because I don’t think we’ve ever actually taken Liam up to the Gorge. We might have taken him when he was a little little bubby but he would have been in the sling and certainly wouldn’t have remembered it. Liam was very excited when I got home from work telling me all about the Gorge.

Liam’s here helping me to write this part of the blog and he tells me they saw some peacocks and they went on a ‘wobbly bridge… it was really scary … it was dangerous… we saw two waterfalls in lots of water … and I saw two fluffy ducks and a Mummy and Daddy ducks‘.

And apparently something about dinosaurs making rocks if I were to listen to him but that may have just been an imagined add on to the story.  He seems pretty convinced though. He also saw a chairlift up high in the sky and he’s asking to see the photo of ‘Uncle Jonno waving to the ladies in the sky on the chair lift and all the peoples up in the chairlift‘ 🙂  He had such a great time with Aunty Lisa and Uncle Jonno – it might be time for a family visit to the Gorge before winter hits. Thanks for the photos Lisa …

And a couple of Lisa’s scenic shots – such a pretty place.

We miss you already Uncle Jonno and Aunty Lisa.

Next time we get to see them will be this time next year in Perth for the big wedding – we cannot wait!


2 responses to “The Wobbly Bridge

  1. haha yeah sorry I poisoned his mind a bit telling him that the rocks are as old as dinosaurs. I also might have got him into saying ‘See ya Dork!’

  2. Aha! Thank you for solving that mystery. I figured he wouldn’t say it unless something like that happened. It’s funny though because he didn’t tell me when you’d been, he only just told me as I was writing this yesterday – he has a good memory 🙂

    We haven’t had a ‘dork’ outburst for a couple of days now though 🙂

    See ya dork!

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