We’re rolling…!

Alyssa has rolled over from her back to her front, towards her left, a couple of times but it’s been as much accident as effort. Warren told me today she completely rolled over on her own while I was at work. By the time I got home this afternoon and put her down on her playmat she tried to roll a few times making it almost over before flopping back to her back. After a few attempts she managed to work her way completely over and putting her on her back she did it immediately again. She had a bit of a play on her tummy and started to get cranky with it so I popped her back over and she instantly rolled back onto her tummy. This went on for another dozen or so rolls – me putting her on her back, her rolling over, grizzling and screaming, me rolling her back over, her rolling back to her tummy, and so on and so on.

It’s delightful to see her strong enough and co-ordinated enough to roll herself over finally (she’s 4 months on Sunday – Liam rolled over at 11 weeks) but it’s not going to be much fun when she hates being on her tummy so much. There’s now no such thing as her having a long, happy play on her back on the playmat while we tend to other tasks because she’s now rolling the instant you place her on her back. We’re in for a few fun days (or weeks) until she figures out how to get back the other way I think.

But yay really … pretty exciting news. I’ll try and get a video of it tomorrow and upload here.

Oh and none of my students lost or severed any body parts today! WooHoo!!!


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