Surgery Day

Well, today is the day Alyssa is booked in for surgery to have her stomach PEG put in with the gastro surgeons at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Warren got a call yesterday from the hospital to confirm that Alyssa’s surgery was scheduled for today.


Someone forgot to tell the surgeons that Alyssa doesn’t need the PEG anymore. Even funnier that we’d already decided to get the surgery done here in Launceston, and had discussed that with the metabolic doctors in Melbourne and the paediatric team in Launceston.

I was working at my last school at Youngtown yesterday and had been telling my old colleagues about Alyssa’s journey and had mentioned to someone that Alyssa was about due for the operation to introduce the stomach PEG and how pleased I was that we never had to worry about it when I got a message from Warren to tell me the hospital had called.

I haven’t had much time to write here lately – work has kept me pretty busy, as has general Mum stuff, but Alyssa is doing really well – apart from perhaps a lack of sleep recently but she’s usually okay. Going over those first few weeks with my friends yesterday has been quite emotionally draining but it just reminds me how very very lucky we are that she is still here blessing our every day.


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