Friends and Family

It was Grandma Angie’s birthday on March 19th. The day before Liam and Mummy sat down to make Grandma a birthday card and Liam had fun telling Mummy where to put all of the stickers to pretty it up. We hear she absolutely loved the card to pieces 🙂

We planned to head down to see her on the weekend but while we were there we thought it high time we caught up with some friends, so we spent lunch having a bbq in Burnie Park with Bob, Heather and their littlies Pelham and Bridget, and Shelle and her son Kias.

Warren and I went to uni with Bob, Heather and Shelle and we’ve all had kids around the same time which is cool. We realised this was the first time we’d all been together since Bob and Heather’s wedding about 3 years ago and never with all of our kids – only Tristan.

Pelham was born 6 weeks before Liam so they’re great mates – it’s so so lovely to see them playing and talking together.

Hi-5 Mate!!!

Bridget is just about to turn 1 (GOSH! That went quick!) on April 6th and with Bob’s birthday having been on March 18th, it was a bit of a birthday visit as much as anything. That puts just over 6 months difference between Bridget and Alyssa but I’ve no doubt they’ll be great buddies too. Bridget just loved spending time with Alyssa and kept holding her hands, poking her fingers in Alyssa’s mouth, stealing her dummy and giving it back – I think she was having quite a lot of fun.

Tristan kept busy entertaining the little ones. Kias turned out to be as much a fan of kicking a ball around as Liam and Tristan are so they had fun. Pelham was far more interested in the play equipment.

It was just so lovely to sit and chat with everyone – we just don’t get to see each other anywhere near enough. And now that we’ve all got kids it makes it harder that it’s so long between visits – but it does make our visits special.

It’s wonderful seeing Heather with her children too – I always knew she’d look ‘just right’ with babes in arms. I love this photo.

It suits Bob quite well too. I love this photo too.

And our exciting news from the day …

I was just telling Heather that Alyssa would probably be sitting on her own soon as she was getting stronger, and I let my hand go for a moment from supporting her and she stayed upright for a few seconds before toppling over. I was so proud of her. I can’t decide though if that’s a look of pure concentration or serious discomfort. She was leaning down a slight slope too but that doesn’t matter – she stayed upright without other human support – that’s exciting in my books.

While we were all dressed up pretty and had plenty of capable photographers around with a gorgeous backdrop, we took the opportunity to get some family photos finally. Warren took a photo of Alyssa and I that I’m really happy with – even with her squinty frown 🙂 But I’ve been waiting for a really nice photo of the two of us. All the ones previously either I looked ill from the pregnancy still, miserable and tired from the hospital dramas and I kind of gave up trying for a while but I really wanted one so I’m happy this turned out nice.

But I’m more pleased that we got a family photo of the 5 of us at long last. One where we’re all looking in the camera’s direction and generally all doing something resembling a smile. It’s really hard to get a photo all together with a grumpy ‘do I have to?’ teenager, a ‘do I have to sit still?’ toddler and a ‘what are you doing to me? baby. But I do like this one.

A beautiful day, in a beautiful park with beautiful friends.

What more could anyone want?

A visit with the grandparents – there’s a start!

We spent a little bit of time before the bbq with my parents and they caught up with us again quickly while we went to Warren’s parents to see Angie for her birthday. I’d stayed up late (like 11pm) the night before making her a cake (nothing special, just a packet mix, but a yummy one) and decorated it ready for dessert – putting a big smile on her face.Liam was quite happy to help Grandma eat the little icing animals on top.

It was a lovely day all round!


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