Hobart Visit

Our good friend Paul and his wife, Nicole, and their new arrival, Campbell (born in December 2008), journeyed down to Tassie from Adelaide for a family visit. We haven’t seen him for quite a while so decided to take a day for ourselves and drive down to Hobart to catch up with them and our other friends.

It just happened to be my brother Ricki’s birthday so we stopped by to check out his new place and say gday before he toddled off to his soccer match. He seems to be well settled in and enjoyed having some cuddles with the little ones.

We were pleased that Jasper (Ray) and Sarah, Lisa and Martin and Michael were also able to come and see Paul, Nicole and Campbell. Warren, Jasper, Michael and Paul have been mates since primary school (I was actually in grade one with Michael for a little while) and Lisa and Sarah and I joined along with them all throughout college. We’ve all grown up now so we don’t see each other anywhere near often enough so it was a lovely day.

We all sat around catching up in Salamanca Market and filled everyone in on Alyssa’s struggles, met the cute baby Campbell and had a general chat. Here are some of my favourite photos taken on the day, including the classic mid-vomit shot all over Sarah courtesy of Alyssa.

I captured some lovely shots that I just loved in black and white too so I thought I might show you those pics instead of the full colour ones – but you can see the full colour pics on my Facebook page if you wish.

“She puked on me!” Sarah recounts to her husband Jasper.

One of my favourite pics from the day …

Liam and Michael having quite a lovely conversation.

Liam had a lovely day …

Another one of my favourites… a beautiful Mummy moment.

Jasper and Alyssa getting acquainted. Who wants to bet they were discussing trains??

We definitely needed this day to relax and enjoy.

Paul introducing his offspring Campbell to Warren.

I gots me a cuddle 🙂

Liam getting friendly.

Someone loves his Mummy … 🙂

I wish we could all do this more often!!!
Thanks guys for a lovely day!


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