Liam’s Week

What a clown our little man is … he’s kept the smiles coming this week.

We went to the library the other day and Liam is a big fan of the huge magnetic whiteboard with the magnetic letters on it. Usually he tells me letters he knows and lines them up but I looked up this time from reading my book to see he’d actually started matching upper and lower case letters – and getting them all right. I was blown away – we’ve only just started talking about the difference in the last couple of weeks. He’s so clever. I took a pic on my phone to show Warren but haven’t uploaded it to the computer yet.

His drawings are also starting to become much more interesting. He generally produces some scribbles and is starting to practise drawing straight lines and something resembling circles. The other day he brought his new Magna Doodle to me and showed me this:

He’s actually managed to draw a fairly steady shape and then very carefully draw the same shape around (or within – don’t know which one was first) it matching fairly closely. I don’t know if it’s the mother or teacher in me – but I’m impressed.

Daylight Savings seems to have messed him around a little and he’s getting tired much earlier than he usually does and is getting tired and cranky around 6-7pm (it used to be 8-9pm). I was in the loungeroom feeding Alyssa the other night and Liam could be heard up watching Tristan on his PlayStation. After a while I noticed it was fairly quiet and when I went to see what was going on Tristan didn’t know where he was. After a moment’s panic, this is what I found …

Usually we struggle to get him into bed. Apparently he’d told Tristan he needed a sleep and took himself off to bed. I managed to change his nappy and dress him in his pjs without disturbing him 🙂

The next two photos …. well… I’m not sure there’s much of an explanation. Silly goose!!!

Anyone for icecream ‘cones’?

And this is what happens when you leave him to his business on the potty for a moment … I’ll spare him the embarassment of the full picture. I think he really has gone potty!

Ahhh …. *shakes head*

And then when you think he’s gone slightly crazy – this is how he spent his Good Friday…

Yep, he WANTED to do it and I couldn’t have stopped him if I’d wanted. This was after we found him alone in the bathroom with a spray bottle and a cloth and very wet tiles up the wall and a distinctly ‘clean’ smell. Oh and after finding the toilet brushes covered in water and toilet paper last week. Mhmm … he’s his father’s son 🙂

What a good boy!!! Tristan could learn a few tricks from his little brother here 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!


One response to “Liam’s Week

  1. Monique Reid

    What an impressive little boy!! And as for putting himself to bed, well that is every mothers dream! I think Kynan could learn a thing or two from him too, he still hates going to bed!!

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