Natureworld – Bicheno – Easter Sunday

Last time we went down to Scamander to stay with Warren’s parents (they own a holiday home there) we didn’t really go anywhere or do much – mostly because we just needed some down time after the way last year ended. I really wanted to get out and explore a bit this time so we decided to scoot off and spend Easter Sunday at Natureworld near Bicheno. We hadn’t been there since Tristan was a youngin so I was keen to take Liam.

There’s quite a variety of birds at Natureworld, including a talkative cockatoo greeting visitors as soon as you walk into the park. Last time we visited there were more farm animals than there were this time – it’s wildlife has grown which I think was better anyway. There was certainly a lot more birds this time. Upon seeing the birds in the top left hand picture (below) Liam exclaimed “the blue ones are AWESOME!” .

We walked around the park and a Forester Kangaroo hopped up towards us, no doubt expecting the food that you can buy in small bags at the front entrance. As soon as the first hand went into a bag for some feed, a whole group of kangaroos found their way over to us. I wasn’t expecting this and I wasn’t sure how Liam would cope with it (he’s going through a bit of a scared phase) but he was fine. Alyssa even checked them out. Grandma was feeding one kangaroo when a foot fell out of its pouch, followed by the young joey’s head.

We went for a wander around the lake and found the ostriches and emus. I thought emus were big enough but the ostriches were HUGE! When they stretched up to full height their heads easily peeked over the fences. Tristan and Grandad were quite impressed.

Tristan’s was keen to see the snakes (ewww yucky) which I’m sure weren’t housed anywhere near safely enough. Sure, the walls were about 1.5m tall but the fact that there was open air above them just creeped me out. I like my snakes behind closed in glass (or 10 inch steel walled cages even). There were Tiger Snakes and Brown Snakes that I remember but there may have been others. I looked long enough to take photos for the blog (how’s that for commitment) and that was it.

Feeding time for the park animals was at 4 so we all headed up to the feeding area and were greeted by quite a large group of ducks, swans, turbo chooks and other birds, Forester Kangaroos and deer. Liam really enjoyed feeding the kangaroos, saying they were tickling his hands.I was surprised by just how big some of the male kangaroos were – their hands were as big as ours almost and their claws put my long fingernails to shame. I certainly wouldn’t want to offend one.

At Natureworld the wombat shares his exhibit with his echidna friend and they happily follow each other around and eat together and seem quite content with each other’s company. After Liam allowing the ‘tickly’ teeth of a kangaroo to eat from his hand, I was surprised that he was too nervous to rub the wombat’s tummy when the ranger brought him around for a pat.

Then the ranger guided us towards the Tasmanian Devil surrounds and fed them up on tasty raw meat shanks. They looked quite cute chasing each other around their home area until you heard their little growl and saw them tear into their dinner. I was very surprised when we were all allowed to have a pat on one of the devils tummies.

We finished up a really lovely day with a visit to my favourites – the koalas – who were, as you’d expect being incredibly exciting – yep, they were all snuggled up asleep. One of them had found its way on top of their shadecloth roof though and was enjoying a hammock nap.

I’m glad we decided to go – a great day!

I think this sums up our day …


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