Exploring the East Coast

The day after Easter was Warren’s Dad’s birthday.

Liam and I busied ourselves making his birthday card before we headed down to Scamander and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Last time we went to Scamander, Liam helped Grandad pick plums from the trees and I used those photos from last time to make the card. We found out that Grandad was turning 58 so we put the stickers for his age on there and I went to get something and came back to find Liam had stuck his own number sticker on there. I started trying to take the number 2 off without damaging the card and he told me off – apparently Grandad is 58 and Liam is 2 so Liam needs a 2 sticker like Grandad’s numbers đŸ™‚ Clever thing – so it stayed.

We ventured out and about for the afternoon and decided to take a drive to St. Helens for lunch and a drive to Binalong Bay. One of my work colleagues is having a house built by the same company that did ours so when we drove past it we stopped for a stickybeak – again they’ve done a good job. We then headed out to The Gardens. I managed to get some gorgeous photos again (always do when we head up there) that I wanted to share.

Beautiful scenery in that neck of the woods – definitely worth a visit if you’re down that way.


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