Snippety Snip

A bit of a plug for Simon, my hairdresser at Joe’s Place for Hair, in Launceston. He’s a funny bugger and a great hairdresser. I have been seeing him for years and Warren followed my lead and started going to him as well and I recently started taking the boys as well (Alyssa might not need to visit with Simon for quite a while yet) and he does a super job with all of us.

Liam refuses to wear a cape though so always ends up with hair all over him and he doesn’t like sitting on the chair on his own, so he sits on me and I wear the cape – much easier that way.

I know he looks like he’s in serious discomfort but I think it was more tickly than painful.

Time for me to get a new haircut as well and I thought I’d grab a quick photo of it while it still looked all hair salon lovely – it never lasts…

Thank you Simon!!!


One response to “Snippety Snip

  1. Natalie Polis

    Looks lovely.

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