Some special firsts…

I’ve been a bit busy recently so sorry the blog entries have been few and far between. As is always the way, there’s been plenty worth blogging about but I don’t want to miss out on all of the good stuff and it’s silly to be writing about it all in three months when I find time, so I thought I’d write one big post with all of Alyssa’s special firsts that have occured lately.

Around the middle of April, Alyssa started to practise sitting up with our support and she gained strength so quickly. As I watched her one day I commented that she looked ready to be sitting on her own soon. Funnily enough, the very next day, Alyssa sat unassisted (only a few seconds but still holding herself upright). My leg is behind her merely to stop a painful fall backwards.This was on April 17th.

Only a couple of weeks later (28th April) …

Within the next day or two, Alyssa had started rolling and twisting on the floor every which way – she used to only go one way. So she’s suddenly gone from laying quite boringly, to being quite mobile. Time to get onto Liam about his LEGO and trains and cars I think!

21st April – Alyssa had been sleeping pretty poorly before we went to Scamander over Easter, she slept beautifully while we were at Scamander but when we came home it went back to nightmare sleeping – or NOT sleeping. Warren and I were the walking dead. I honestly don’t know how we survived on such little sleep – and I somehow managed to work a full week that week. I hoped each night that it would end soon, and it did. She slept wonderfully on the night of April 20th and we woke to be greeted with Alyssa’s first two teeth. Both of her bottom teeth popped through at the same time and she’s been much happier since then. I’ve been trying to get a photo of the toothies but they’re still not quite big enough to see on camera – soon!!!

We also had Alyssa’s first soccer match attendance …
Tristan’s first soccer game of the season…
Warren’s first soccer game coaching experience…
[blog to come]

and Liam’s first painting…
and first day at school…
[blog to come]

I’ll try my hardest to update as soon as possible. If you’re still out there reading please leave a comment – then I won’t feel so lonely 🙂


2 responses to “Some special firsts…

  1. Hi Donna,
    I’m still here – still checking in to make sure you are all ok!

    PS am in Tassie in September and wouldlove to catch up xxx

  2. That would be awesome Emma … sing out when it’s time and we’ll figure something out.

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