Liam Going To School

Finally I found out the information for the local school’s playgroup and they run a Birth-4 years session on Wednesday mornings each week so we finally made plans to go.

I never know if I’ll be working or not on a Wednesday so I only gave Liam a 10 minute warning that we were going to school for the first time and he really had no idea what to expect at all. On our first day, Alyssa stayed at home with Daddy so that Liam and I could concentrate together and familiarise ourselves with how school works.

We arrived just before 9am, signed in, put our apple in the sharing bowl and hung up our bag on the bag hooks. That’s when we looked around and realised there were LOTS and LOTS of people – kids and grown ups – and we suddenly got hit with a massive boost of ‘nervous’. We hid in a corner and looked around the room to see what sort of things were on offer and when there was a clear line of sight we bolted for the big LEGO box that wasn’t being used.

After the LEGO, we played with the cars, aeroplanes, trucks and even more exciting, a few helicopters.

We also had a go at some puzzles and did a collage pasting.

Everyone sits down together at 10:00 for morning tea and shares the fruit and snacks we all brought along. Liam was incredibly nervous but I managed to convince him to sit and have a try and he rediscovered a love of mandarins so we had to make a detour on the way home to buy some mandarins.

After snack time it’s story and singing time but Liam wasn’t going to have a bar of it so we escaped outside to get away from the crowd for a moment and discovered a whole new set of fun, an obstacle course

bikes (which we found a bit tricky)

and a sandpit

with more trucks…

I eventually convinced Liam it was time to go inside – he didn’t agree it was time to go home.

And then he found the home corner with all the kitchen equipment and he was never going home. He loved it and wouldn’t leave until he had packed all of the food into the oven and microwave.

On Liam’s second visit to playgroup he wouldn’t leave until he’d packed away the entire kitchen with all food back in the baskets and all cutlery and plates and cups in the right drawers and shelves. Ahhh good boy! He made his Daddy proud.

After I finally dragged Liam out of the playgroup room he discovered lots more fun outside – a giant computer keyboard with the letter ‘L for Liam’.

And he had to jump on every single number in the number snake.

On our second visit we took Alyssa with us and did some painting with the rollers, as well as some hammering with the tap tap boards and the usual, LEGO, cars and trucks and kitchen. We did sit down to listen to the story this time and Alyssa had lots of fun trying to eat everyone’s shoes she could reach (the other kids weren’t terribly happy about it though) and having a dance to ‘Galumph went the little green frogs one day’ (a bathtime favourite of ours) and ‘5 little ducks’. She got quite the groove on. Daddy couldn’t make it as he had a phone meeting to attend to, but hopefully he’ll get to come with us tomorrow morning.


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