The Modern Era of Cloth Nappies

When Tristan was born in 1995, I used cloth nappies – the terry towelling square kind that you fold yourself and fasten using safety pins and covered in the PVC plastic pants (gosh I suddenly feel old). Then we upgraded to using ‘Snappies’ to hold them together which was a bit easier. Eventually, I ended up transitioning to disposables all the time once he was at daycare full time.

When Liam was born we had every intention of using cloth nappies and I bought about 3 dozen terry towelling nappies and new snazzy cotton covered PVC covers with velcro and some Snappies. We never used ANY of them. I went back to work when Liam was 10 weeks and it was just too much effort. The nappies got plenty of use as ‘chuck rugs’ however and still do with Alyssa. I put all the covers and liners and Snappies in a box and they stayed there until yesterday when I sold them all (I’d hate to think how much money I lost on them, but happy they’re going to someone who will use them) in mint condition.

The new thing these days, for those not in the know, are MCNs (Modern Cloth Nappies). They are cloth nappies but work very much like a disposable. They’re fitted like a disposable and do up on the sides with either press studs or velcro and have extra padding (boosters) inside if required. They have a waterproof lining inside the material layers so you don’t need to use a cover. They’re AWESOME! And what’s even cooler is they look gorgeous.

So we bought up a few to use with Alyssa, thinking I’d be home from work for a lot longer. That didn’t happen but we had a few of the nappies so we decided we’d better at least give it a try and see how we fared. It’s turned out remarkably easy.

Aside from a nightmare pooey nappy Warren got on the first day I left for work with Alyssa in a cloth nappy (I won’t share the details of the text message he sent me … lol) we’ve transitioned quite well to almost full time day use. They’re not really absorbent enough for Alyssa over night as she’s a big wetter, so we use disposables overnight but during the day they’ve worked really well.

I’d love to just buy every nappy I love the look of but I’ve had to be very careful with spending but I have bought a few just because they look gorgeous. I’ll add some more photos later but here’s a couple of our favourites. They’re almost too cute to put clothes over so I’m looking forward to summer when wearing just a nappy and singlet is quite reasonable. I’m not sure how all of her other gorgeous  clothes will feel about that but they’ll have to get over it I guess 🙂

Alyssa wearing her gorgeous Bubba Moo giraffe print cloth nappy.

I think the Bubba Moo nappies are my favourites. They come in OSFM (one size fits most) so they’ll fit Alyssa as she gets older, whereas the itti bitti nappies (see below) are great too but come in Small, Medium and Large – she’s currently in Mediums and running out of room fast. I think the Bubba Moo nappies also absorb more – she certainly seems to be able to wear them for longer.

Alyssa wearing her itti bitti dlish cloth nappy.

Alyssa wearing her itti bitti d'lish cloth nappy.

We’re definitely doing our part for the environment. Our main aim was to save money and I’m not sure if it’s THAT much cheaper (at about $25-30 a nappy) than using disposables but if we’d had these for Liam as well, we’d definitely make big savings. We did try some MCNs with Liam a little while before Alyssa was born but when we went to hospital he wasn’t using them and it was hard to get him back into them when we got home. Toilet training is our next phase for him anyway.


2 responses to “The Modern Era of Cloth Nappies

  1. Natalie Polis

    Ah welcome to my world. B has been in MCN since birth. We now use ‘sposies overnight but when he was Alisa’s age we used baby beehinds and a wool cover that kept him dry overnight.


  2. We use cloth nappies for Kobe – bum genius ones. I havent tried any others but we like them. I have to make sure I keep on top of washing and drying them but they aren’t really a pain to use and I have saved heaps of money. I still buy disposables but only use them at night or when we run out of cloth because I haven’t washed them in time. Alyssa looks very cute in hers!

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