Daily Archives: June 28, 2009

On The Move!

Sorry it’s been so long since updating but starting back at work in a new school has taken quite a bit of energy and time from me, as well as slightly increasing my hours.

Alyssa has been plodding along quite well though – except for the fact that her and her little older brother are both ‘snotty faces’ at the moment and neither are sleeping well.

Exciting news worth mentioning however is the development of gross motor control in the form of some style of crawling 😀

Yes, Alyssa is day by day discovering there are ways to make her body move that enable her to get from where you leave her to where she’s not meant to be in before you’ve noticed. She’s mostly been rolling to achieve this with lots of practise up on hands and knees and rocking back and forth. This weekend has seen a realisation that moving arms and legs at the same time results in a type of commando crawling in a straight forwardly direction. It’s still slow going but she’s getting the hang of it very quickly. She’s even been relying heavily on her ‘operated on’ arm to properl her along.

She turned 8 months a week ago and is babbling away with lots of Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad and Bub, Bub, Bub, Bub with the occasional MMMummmm – when she wants to be fed or wants a cuddle usually. She’s standing really well, only needing a slight hand hold to balance herself and has had a few recent attempts at moving her feet in a walking-type movement. I reckon she’ll be cruising around the couch in a matter of weeks.

I shall update some photos soon! I haven’t taken many with the work efforts recently so I’ll have to get onto that. A job for the new iPhones Warren and I have recently procured perhaps?!