Brmmm Brmmm …

It’s our lovely Liam’s birthday tomorrow and I’m about to attempt some cake decorating … going good so far.

I did consider leaving it like this – it at least looks like a 3 and Tristan, Liam and Alyssa (just a nibble) and oh alright, me, seem to think it tasted alright …

It took quite a while but I did finally complete something resembling the image in my head!


Apart from spastic butter icing which just didn’t mix properly (nothing some yummy biscuits can’t hide) I’m actually pretty proud of myself. It’s not exactly my Mum’s standard and I’d hardly win any awards for it, but I’m sure Liam will appreciate it, you can at least tell what it’s meant to be and it’ll be half eaten by tomorrow night anyway.

After all, the last time I tried cake decorating was Tristan’s 5th birthday when I made a green party hat – sounds easy you might say – well all the kids asked why I’d made a christmas tree for his birthday 😦 I hope this goes some way to earning back some ‘Mum’ points!

We shall see what Liam has to say tomorrow morning …


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